Classified is a cartoon style objective based multiplayer shooter game. (CSOBMSG)

The game is all about completing goals and conquering objectives, almost all main objectives need to be handled by an Engineer making it a critical class to have in your team. Sub-objectives can usually be handled by any class but some classes have an advantage over others for certain actions or routes.

Role: Student Game Designer, Producer & Gameplay Programmer

Next to being the designer of most features, I was shared project lead on this project, always keeping an eye on relations both internal and external and making sure the team worked on schedule making adjustments in the planning were needed. Besides that I was one of two programmers programming all the features.


  • Project management, planning and infrastructure manager (SVN, UDK)
  • Concepting, designing and documenting general game design, rules & features
  • Programming, scripting and implementing:
    • Menus and GUI
    • Class system
    • Objective system
    • Weapon and projectile system
    • Scoring and ranking system
  • Implementing art and audio assets
  • Bug fixing and Quality Assurance


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