Base Busters

Base Busters allows you to leave a path of destruction on iOS and Android! Lead your convoy of tanks into battle and engage in explosive combat – solo or with friends!

Base Busters is Vanguard’s first released free-to-play game for mobile devices. The game is published world wide by our partner Nexon M.

Role: Game Designer

I was one of two designers working on Vanguard’s first free-to-play game. After prototyping several versions of the core game we moved onto analyzing the free-to-play market and used that data in combination with our publishers wishes to design the macro game around the core game.


  • Concepting, designing and prototyping the core game
  • Analyzing the free-to-play games market
  • Designing macro game features: Economy, PvP, Tutorial, Units
  • Simulating economy and PvP
  • Assets connecting and management
  • Scripting/coding gameplay, tutorial and UI
  • Performing user tests
  • Iterate gameplay and economy based on user tests and metrics
  • Bug fixing and Quality Assurance


Base Busters 01Base Busters 02

Base Busters 03Base Busters 04