Adam's Venture II

Adam’s Venture is a non-violent action adventure game series aimed at the Christian market. The player assumes the role of Adam Venture who explorers the lost secrets of our world engaging in all kinds of puzzles and challenges along the way.

After the earth-shattering events in Eden’s caverns, Adam and Evelyn find themselves in a Clairvaux aircraft with a whole lot of explaining to do. Soon, events take a dramatic turn for the worse, and once again Adam finds himself holding the faith of the world in his hands…

Role: Student Game Designer

Vertigo Games was looking for a student group who could help them concept new puzzles & challenges. I was part of a devious student group who managed to get the assignment.


  • Concepting, designing and documenting puzzles & challenges
  • Prototyping and scripting puzzles & challenges
  • Implementing art in environment, puzzles & challenges
  • Bug fixing and Quality Assurance


Adam's Venture II 01Adam's Venture II 02

Adam's Venture II 03Adam's Venture II 04